The Groupe Grandmont

Our Team

We know that by being an interactive team and by working together to answer and exceed the goals of our clients, we then manage to gain their trust

Our team is the alliance of many skills and know-how which works in perfect sym-biosis to reach you real estate goals. Exceptional brokers and a management team without reproach who are all passionate about real estate; that is the key to our success!

Whether it is Jonathan, Geneviève, Michael or Fanny, you will be in good hands. The broker will make your project, his or her own project and will guide you throughout the buying or selling process.

At your service for over 15 years, we have concluded more than 1 000 transactions serving more than 700 clients. Our network spreads over all aspects of the real estate sector in Quebec, from construction to advertising, to computer software and to the legal system.

You wish to live in Sherbrooke and profit from exemplary real estate services ca-tering to your requirements?

Now more than ever, the Grandmont Group wishes to keep its authentic family image, which gives us strong values such as proximity, listening skills, passion for real estate, expertise and trust. It is with a personalized and humanistic approach that we accompany you in the great adventure of buying or selling real estate.

Our assets

  • Champion real estate brokers who grew up in the area and are also owners.
  • Under a well-known banner, Via Capitale, which offers important protection.
  • High end professional technology assuring constant opportunities and al-ways on the lookout for new media.
  • Devoted and skillful management personnel.
  • A reliable and extensive professional network
  • Satisfied clients who refer our services.