Why buy with us?

Because we are present!

The purchase of a property is a project that…

I plan in the short/medium term.
I have been preapproved for a mortgage and I wish to be accompanied throughout the buying process.

I envision long term.
It would help if I received a list of properties that correspond to my needs.


Beyond all the advantages of mandating a broker,

what do you expect from a broker when buying your property?

A Grandmont Group broker to buy? Why?

Because it’s easy, quick, efficient and free. At least, that’s what hundreds of buyers would tell you!

It’s a free service

True! It’s the seller that pays. The Grandmont Group takes care of researching and sending you properties that correspond to your needs, often as soon as they appear on the market.

Find in less time and with less effort

By getting to know your needs, wishes and style, our team will do all the necessary research to find properties that may be of interest to you. We will even plan and book visits for you!

With you until the end

Whether to review the inspection report, prepare the promise to purchase, present the offer and any counteroffers, Grandmont Group brokers will clarify every step, accompany you throughout the process and ensure that your transaction is successful.

Negotiate in your best interest

Backed by more than 2000 sales, over 15 years, we know all the secrets of negotiating and we will use these to your advantage. You gain from our knowledge!

Buy at a fair price

Groupe Grandmont brokers know the area’s real estate market and the true value of a property, better than anyone. Thanks to our tools and our knowledge, you will avoid any surprises and buy at a fair price.

The Real Estate Brokerage Act protects you

Because the Real Estate Brokerage Act governs our profession, all real estate transactions are our responsibility. Therefore, you are always protected.  To learn more:

Happy customers

« Thank you for accompanying us in the sale of our house. You are very knowledgeable and efficient. You told us exactly how it was and everything went very smoothly. We would recommend you without any hesitation. »

Hélène Audy and Henri Francoeur

« We wanted to offer our sincerest thanks to you and your team for all your work in selling our house. »

Charlotte Côté

« Hi Jonathan, We just purchased a house and I wanted to thank you Michael Owen for making this long process go smoothly. »

Roberta Panariti

« We wanted to offer our sincerest thanks to you and your team for all your work in selling our house. »

Andrée and Jean-Pierre

« Geneviève Grandmont is a wonderful woman. Professional and available, she is very attentive; giving as much to the buyer as the seller. »

Marie-Pier and Tommy

« Thank you for everything! We are very happy with our decision to work with the Grandmont Group. »

Christine Linteau and Francis Gariépy