The next step? Sold!

Advice for sellers

130. This is the approximate number of days it takes to sell a property. X. This is the average number of visits required to complete the sale. Yet, still, we all dream that our property will sell within 24 hours of the “For sale” sign going up.

To help you quickly sell your property, at your price, and to accompany you throughout this process, here is some advice from our experts.

Home Staging

Home Staging is the art of making your property welcoming and attractive for a quick and profitable sale. The goal? To create a buzz so that buyers choose your property over all the other properties available on the market!

Our team will happily suggest a specialist who will give you the right advice to embellish your property, with a minimum investment.

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Avoid common mistakes

When selling a property, sellers will face many traps and pitfalls. These often lead to mistakes; the most common are discussed here.

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Advice to maximize your selling price

Thinking of selling your property and want to put the odds on your side? Here’s a list of easy, low-cost ideas that will help maximize your selling price!

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