that we hold dear

To us, giving back to the community is essential to our existence.

On an annual basis, the Grandmont team commits to offering humanitarian and financial aid to organizations that share our values and personally touch some of our team members or valued customers.

Fonds des Millepattes

For the past few years, the Grandmont Group has financially supported the Fonds des Millepattes, a non profit organization whose mission is to support families of children with rare orphan rheumatological diseases.

Beyond giving generously to this cause every year, each fall, the Grandmont team gathers at the Course des Millepattes run and happily gives out balloons to the kids. Some of our members even take part in the 5 or 10 km run!

To us, Abigaël Walker, this non-profit organization’s ambassador and founder, is an example of perseverance and resilience; she never ceases to surprise us and she makes us want to pursue our dreams.

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Chemin de Saint-Élie

What is commonly called the “Chemin de Saint-Élie” is, in fact, the Saint-Élie development project; a place where several local socio-economic workers spend their time developing the neighbourhood and improving the quality of life.

Every year, the Grandmont Group cooperates with the Chemin de Saint-Élie committee and provides funding to the organization’s various activities during the year. This lets us meet local business owners and residents from the neighbourhood where our offices are located!


A specific budget is planned at the beginning of every year to help organizations and citizens who are trying to reach an important goal related to a cause that reflects our values.

In 2018, we are proud to have financially supported:

  • Mylène Vachon, President of the Great Spin. She wanted to collect no less than $100 000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Tristan Grégoire, who, after climbing Mount Everest and Lobuche Peak, will donate more than $20 000 to 9 charitable causes in our area.
  • Dominic Casgrain, organiser of the annual Chœur Florilège de Sherbrooke
  • Véronique Boudreau, Vice-President of the Santé globaleprogram at des Aventurierselementary school.
  • Mélanie Godbout, organiser of Sherbrooke’s popular Pee-Wee/Bantam tournament.
  • Judith Lefebvre, Director General of the Club athlétisme de Sherbrooke.
  • Nicolas Viens, organiser of the Berkley B1 fishing tournament.

When one feels privileged, it is important to give back.

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